Plot of Flare Locations
Flares plotted on EIT image
Flares within the indicated time range over-plotted on a recent image.
Generated by HELIO; solar images from SolarMonitor; flare locations from Lockheed-Martin.

All soft X-ray flares (≥A1.0) with known positions are shown; the flare locations are rotated to the time of the image. The most recent flares (≤12 hours) are shown as red dots, 12-24 hours ago as blue dots and older ones as turquoise dots. Emissions from the western half to the disk (right is the central meridian) are most likely to be geo-effective.

The numbers in turquoise designate Active Regions; numbers in red (on the left hand side of the image) indicate where old Active Regions that could be returning. Click on an Active Region number if you want to see images of the selected Region from the SolarMonitor archive. Look at the Active Region Reports for details of the evolution of the Regions that are currently visible.

Movies of Flare Location images above for the last 12 days.

HELIO Solar Activity - Useful Links

Links to Sites hosting Observations for Today

Links to HEC Searches for events, etc. in the last 35 days

The above searches use the FreeSQL interface of the HELIO Heliophysics Event Catalogue (HEC) to make queries of the indicated lists; the queries can easily be modified by the user to adjust the time range, etc..

This audit of the HEC shows all the lists that are available, the number of records that they contain and the time ranges that they cover; around a third of the lists are updated on a regular basis.   (LRO Last Month)


Last updated: 9th January 2022