Active Regions that have recently disappeared from the disk


Explanation of the table contents

NAR NOAA Active Region (AR) number
TIME_FIRST Date/time AR first reported by NOAA
TIME_LAST Date/time AR last reported by NOAA
NDAY No of days AR was reported by NOAA
DYEL_FST Date of first report, in days since projected east limb crossing
DYEL_LST Date of last report, in days since projected east limb crossing
DYEL_AMX Date of maximum area, in days since projected east limb crossing
AREA_MAX Maximum Area of the AR
NSPOT_MAX Maximum number of sunspots in the AR
NFLARE Number of flares observed in the AR
XCLASS_MAX X-ray Class of largest flare observed in the AR
NSEP Number of SEP events while AR was visible
GLE Whether a GLE event occurred while the AR was visible
AV_LAT Average heliographic latitude of the AR
AV_LONGC Average Carrington longitude of the AR
URL_SMON Link to the AR page in SolarMonitor for the date of TIME_FIRST
(Use the links at the top to step backwards and forwards in time)
URL_STAT Link to the AR Summary page in the HELIO Solar Activity Archive
(Hover over the link to see a preview of the AR evolution plot)