List of flares included on the Location Plot:

Time Start X-ray Class Location NAR
2021/10/31 18:16C1.2S28W4412887
2021/10/31 06:53C2.9N16E2512891
2021/10/31 03:20C1.7N16E2712891
2021/10/31 02:20C1.8S29W3712887
2021/10/31 01:17B8.5S28W3512887
2021/10/31 00:14B5.3S31W3512887

Flares from 2021/10/31 00:00 to 2021/11/02 00:00 UT stacked in reverse time order.
Links associated with the flare time take you to the LMSAL Latest Event archive.
Links associated with the NOAA Active Region (NAR) number take you to the SolarMonitor archive.