Heliophysics Integrated Observatory

Status and Testing

HELIO Service Nodes validated by issuing test commands

The table below shows the results of testing of the HELIO Services. If the interface is working correctly the colour of the text should be green; for a failed test the text is red. As can be seen, there several instances of most of the services located in nodes at different institutions.

Most of the tests are conducted by issuing queries to the RESTful interface of the service; The test that was conducted can be reissued by clicking on the link; tabular data should be returned in VOTable format.

Note that the HRS, CXS and DES are handled differently.

Contents and Coverage

The links in the table below shows what lists are available in the instances of the HEC and HFC.
Heliophysics Event Catalogue (HEC)
Audit of Lists stored
  [HEC @ MSSL-helio],   [HEC @ VOParis],   [HEC @ MSSL-msslkk]
Heliophysics Feature Catalogue (HFC)
Coverage for each type of feature
  [HFC @ VOParis]


Which Services are deployed where are described in the HELIO Registry (HRS)       [Overview, Overview - text]

Last updated: 12th March 2016